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Using Stained Glass Paint as Your Next DIY Project

Stuck inside? Liven things up and live elegantly with a fun and easy stained glass project that you can make yourself!

7 Mudroom Organization Tactics for a Cleaner 2023

Since the mudroom is the first point of entry, it can quickly turn into a chaotic mess of shoes, bags, and dirt. To keep this area of the home clean, you will need to use a little organization. This is no easy feat since there is so much foot traffic. Also, the habit of walking…

5 Creative Ways to Store Linens to Keep them Fresh and Organized

Have you ever pulled a sheet out of your linen closet to make your bed, only to find it smelling musty and old? It’s a common problem. There’s no “Use By” date on your linens when you put them away. Unless you make a conscious effort to rotate them manually, you’re always going to use…

The 7 Best Blinds That Block the Sun

Looking for some blinds to block the sun out of your apartment? Here’s a list of our favorite sun-blocking blinds and blackout curtains!

Your Full Guide to Moving Out for the First Time

It’s finally that time. You’re ready to move out of your parents’ house and into a place of your own. You are about to make one of the biggest transitions of your life, and you might be wondering where you should begin. That’s where this guide comes in! You’re about to get answers to a…

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