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Affordable Centerpiece Ideas to Spruce up Your Kitchen Table

Centerpieces are a timeless form of decor. They have a long history as a traditional method of home improvement.

Today, these classic accessories are used to complement the kitchen table and add a stylish touch to an otherwise blah surface.

You’ve probably seen elaborate centerpieces used at important events like weddings and galas. By definition, they’re the center of attention, intended to catch the eye and turn heads.

The same idea is used in the home, with no special event necessary. Simple, classy centerpieces are placed in the middle of the kitchen table to add a splash of color or style to the empty area.

This can be done with something as basic as a flower vase or as elaborate as a cornucopia.

Whatever statement you want to make, you can do it with a few simple steps.

If you’re not sure how to decorate your table, there are thousands of ideas out there.

To keep it simple, here are five affordable centerpiece options that will spruce up your kitchen without breaking your budget.

1. Candles

The simplest centerpiece idea is also one of the oldest:

The candle.

With a few tapers and some accessories, you have a beautiful adornment for the middle of your kitchen table.

Dining by candlelight is a relaxing way to enjoy a meal. But, you don’t actually have to light your candles if you don’t want to — that’s up to you!

To create an affordable centerpiece, start with two tapered candles in colors that match your kitchen theme. Find some candle holders you like to set them in. Then, arrange a few flowers in a vase to set in between the candles, or leave them bare if you prefer.

For those who want to make a bigger statement, pillar candles are the way to go. Set a variety of candles in complementary colors and sizes on a glass or silver tray. Arrange them in groups and accessorize the tray with colorful stones or greenery.

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2. Succulents

Plants are another popular type of centerpiece and are smart to have in the home.

The health benefits of indoor plants extend to both the mind and body. When you’re sitting around the table, it’s impossible not to enjoy the perks of nature in front of you!

Replacing flowers every time they wilt gets burdensome. An easy way around this is to stick with succulents.

These plants are vibrantly colored, and they don’t need much maintenance. They hold moisture in their leaves, stems, and roots, so a little water goes a long way.

Also, you can put them in just about any holder as long as it anchors the stems. Flower pots, clear bowls with colored rocks, and floral foam are common choices.

Make sure the succulents you choose are low enough that everyone at the table can see each other during conversations. Mix and match varieties to create a finished centerpiece with lush, vivid colors.

3. Large-Leaved Plants

Large leafed plant centerpiece

When you have a minimalist kitchen that’s already elegant and understated, you don’t want to go overboard with a bulky centerpiece. Sometimes, simple is best.

This look can be achieved with a clear vase and some plants with large, lush leaves. The bright green shade will look sophisticated against your classic background colors.

And if your plant has a flower, the splash of color will pop even more brightly on your kitchen table.

4. Seasonal Looks

Changing your decor for every season sounds like a hassle, but it’s a lot of fun.

Ask yourself this question:

What makes me happy in each season?

Combine those ideas into your kitchen table spread!

A summer look, for instance, can be a glass bowl full of beach sand, shells, and doll-sized plastic beach chairs. Winter styles tend to include decor in colors like white, red, silver, and green.

The best part about seasonal centerpieces is that they are personal. Use flowers, accessories, greenery, or holiday decor to create a design you’re happy to keep on the table for those three months each year.

5. Holiday Cheer

Similar to seasonal centerpieces, these kitchen table designs change with the passing holidays.

It may sound difficult to switch up your centerpiece every holiday. But once you’ve created a look for each one, you can toss it in storage and pull it out when the time comes.

For floral centerpieces, use artificial plants and greenery to make them a yearly tradition in your home. Some decorations, like fairy lighting and neutral-colored garland, can stay out all year and adorn your kitchen table regardless of the holiday.

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When you want to add flair and style to your plain kitchen table, a centerpiece is always the way to go.

From holiday themes to everyday styles, your kitchen centerpiece doesn’t have to be complicated or extravagant. These simple ideas are affordable and can be made with things you already have around your house.