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How to Meet Your Neighbors [5 Proven Methods]

Feel confident meeting your neighbors. Making friends in an apartment complex is simple with our 5 proven tips for meeting new neighbors.

The fantastic thing about moving to an apartment in a new neighborhood is it’s a great way to meet new people and create new friendships. Many apartment buildings offer several ways for apartment newbies (and not so new tenants) to connect.

It might surprise you to discover just how many good neighbors are around you. Finding like-minded people who are fun to be around and fit yourself lifestyle is ideal.

Today, we’re sharing five of our proven methods for meeting new neighbors at your new home.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: it can be fun meeting and making friends who live in your new community.

So it’s time to take one step out of the front door and let your hunt for like-minded friends begin!

Check out these five fun ways to meet your neighbors.

1. Throw a Housewarming Party at Your Apartment

Throwing a housewarming party is a great way to celebrate with existing friends and make a great first impression with new ones.

If you’re the new kid on the block (or in your case, complex), perhaps you’ve already waved at or spoken to a few tenants while moving.

If you happen to see the same friendly faces around the property, take this opportunity and invite them. Tell them you’re having a casual housewarming party, and they’re welcome to swing by.

Inviting the neighbors is a fantastic idea because it’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about them, break the ice, and make new friends.

Avoid hosting the party late at night, though, or you’ll likely annoy your neighbors.

It’s best to host the party on the weekend or in the afternoon so you won’t disturb anyone who has to get up early.

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2. Go Out of Your Way to Be Kind

Doesn’t it feel great when someone goes out of their way to compliment you and be kind? We think so!

So why not return the favor?

Not only does practicing kindness build character, but a kind gesture can also help you make new friends.

Look for ways to be kind to your neighbors. Showing kindness can later help you form friendships with apartment residents.

Here are a few ways to be kind to your neighbors:

  • If you admire something they’re wearing like a shirt, backpack, or piece of jewelry, let them know. Compliments help neighbors feel noticed.
  • Someone may need help with groceries on their way back from the grocery store. Ask if you can help by taking a load of their groceries inside for them.
  • If someone is at the mailbox trying to check their mail while juggling a barking dog, ask if you can assist in any way.
  • If you notice new neighbors looking lost at the complex, ask if you can point them in the right direction.

3. Give a Gift to New Neighbors

Another way to make new friends is by giving gifts.

There should be no expectations involved when giving gifts, but there’s a possibility you could get to know someone better this way.

There are several opportunities to give gifts to people at your apartment complex.

For instance: If you’ve lived at the apartment community for a while and see someone moving in next door, you could give them a housewarming gift.

Similarly, if a resident just got a pet and you’d like to get their pet some treats or a helpful accessory, that’d be a sweet gesture.

Holidays are also a great time to give neighbors gifts. For example, you could give them a small wrapped candy cane or ornament at Christmas or a little goodie bag at Halloween.

But that’s not all.

In the future, you might ask a neighbor to watch over your apartment while you’re away on a trip.

If they agree it’ll give you peace of mind because they can keep an eye on things. Also, they can watch for any mail that might get dropped off at your door.

When you return, it might be thoughtful to come back and give them a souvenir such as a mug or a trinket from a well-known destination.

Keep in mind that for any occasion, it’s best to select a gift that isn’t too elaborate. You might make a neighbor feel uncomfortable if you overdo it.

Gifting someone with a $5 gift card to Starbucks or a small plant, for example, is appropriate and can go a long way.

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4. Look for Opportunities to Chat with New Neighbors

To make friends at the complex, you have to make more of an effort.

We’re looking at you, introverts!

Becoming more familiar with the local community will help.

Here’s why: At any of the common areas (such as the pool or firepits), you might have the opportunity to make new acquaintances.

If you’re new to the complex, see where the hot spots are and where you would enjoy hanging out. You may meet a new friend or two while enjoying your time at the apartment pool!

If you do happen to be an introvert, you might try mingling with people at the dog park or during a movie night at the complex.

You might not hit it off with a person right away. If you’ve already smiled or said “hi” a few times, think of a conversation starter for the next time you run into them.

Remember #1 when we talked about kindness? Now is the perfect time to be kind or compliment someone.

Telling a neighbor that you love the book they’re reading, or you also like the band on their t-shirt, are both great examples of conversation starters.

5. Find Out if There are Any Apartment Community Events

Get this: There are still other ways to make new friends in the apartment community!

For example — apartment community events.

Some apartments have community managers. Find out if that’s the case and how you can get involved.

Attending community-based activities are a great way to meet people who live in your apartment complex.

If there isn’t a community manager find out if there’s a board near the office where people post about events and get-togethers.

Another idea is to arrange some events!

  • Throw a community block party
  • Host a community board game night
  • Host a potluck

If organizing friendly activities is something you enjoy, ask if you can volunteer your time. You’ll become a social butterfly in no time at all.

Living at a fantastic apartment has its perks, such as killer amenities and beautiful views. Even better, some pretty cool people live at the complex too!

To start your search for new friends at the apartment community, get out of your comfort zone. The trick is to use one of the techniques we discussed throughout this article, such as complimenting a neighbor or being kind.

Not only will it do you good to get out there and make yourself part of a community — it’ll be a great way to form new friendships.

It really is that simple.

So start putting yourself out there and get to know all of the great people who live around you!

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