The Best Rainbow Wallpaper for Your Home [+ Additional Decor]

Eager to spice up the look of your home interior? Don’t worry, we’ve gathered a bunch of awesome wallpaper and decor ideas to help you on that journey!

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You can never have too many happy, bright colors in your home, which makes rainbow the perfect pattern.

Yes, rainbow. Once thought only to be appropriate for little girls’ rooms as the complementing design to unicorns. But now, people all over the world are using these bright hues to decorate every room in their house.

So what is it about rainbow color wall art that makes it so darn magnetic?

In psychology, some studies show how colors affect a person’s mood. Some shades evoke positive emotions, like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Those colors just happen to be in a rainbow!

When you use rainbow patterns in your home, you are surrounding yourself with shades that make your brain feel happy.

It’s no surprise that rainbow color and other decorative solutions are trending everywhere.

If you’re ready to surround yourself with colors that make your brain — and heart — happy, we have the best rainbow wallpaper for you.

1. The Best Rainbow Wallpaper for Each Room

Rainbow wallpaper on wall in a home

Wallpaper is a popular design choice, trending again because of the innovation of removable options.

Mounting wallpaper used to be an arduous task of sanding, gluing, spreading, hanging, and adjusting your section. If you ended up with a wrinkle after all that, you had to pull it down and start again, usually losing part of the expensive material in the process.

Peelable wallpaper eliminates that problem. It’s easy to hang (hello self-adhesive!) and goes over almost any flat surface. Then you can take it down without damaging the wall whenever you feel the urge to change your style.

This removable design makes it easy to try out a rainbow background in your home. You can find one that catches your eye and order a swatch or print the design from your computer.

Choosing the Rainbow Paper for Each Room

The aesthetic look you want to achieve is going to be unique for each room. Living rooms tend to project a cozy, homey feel, while kitchens are bright and upbeat, for example.

We all have our own tastes when it comes to designing our homes. But quality material is a universal aspect, no matter what your likes or dislikes are.

Here are our choices for the best quality rainbow wallpaper available, both self-adhesive and non-removable. We’ve broken them down by the main rooms in the house.


The kitchen is for cooking and cleaning and needs to be sanitary. That said, it’s not the best place to play around with textured wallpaper or other decors.

It’s also commonly used by everyone in the home, so you need a design that everyone can agree on. These colorful, but neutral, wallpaper patterns should be a hit in your dining area:

  • Rainbow OmbreThis subtle, gorgeous rainbow mural is perfect for any room — so don’t hide it. Show it off in the kitchen where it can take center stage!

It’s an abstract style that will improve your mood every time you walk into the room. You can get this incredible wallpaper for $4.40 per square foot.

  • Spoonflower Rainbow –  If subtle and understated isn’t the look you’re going for, but you still want a classic style, this Ebern design is for you.

Miniature rainbows vertically replicate on the wall, filling your kitchen with happy colors. Order a swatch first, then buy by the roll for $28.

Living Room

Like the kitchen, this room sees a lot of traffic in your home. But instead of being utilitarian, it should relax and comfort any occupants.

When you want to create a soothing, restful mood, try these cool wallpaper designs:

  • Abstract WatercolorsPastel watercolors are always calming. This wall sticker combines the peacefulness of light watercolors with the soft flow of clouds floating on your walls.

Using this watercolor rainbow abstract wallpaper creates the illusion that you’re relaxing on a cloudy couch somewhere. Plus, it’s much cheaper than a sky vacation.
  • Rainbow Roses – All the colors of the rainbow appear in this gradient design. It’s not a rainbow itself, but the mural depicts a majestic multi-colored rose sure to inspire and delight.

When you order, you get a roll and the paste necessary to hang it for $53.80.

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Everyone’s bedroom will be different, depending on their taste and age.

For kids’ rooms, young girls might enjoy a peppy, bright rainbow wallpaper like this mural. If you’re thinking nursery or decorating a playroom for little boys, you might prefer a more understated choice, like this earthy-toned one.

Wallpaper in bedrooms for older kids and adults is usually more relaxing and toned down. Here are some gender-neutral options:

  • The Star Galaxy – For the most part, interior designers don’t recommend dark colors on walls. It makes the room look smaller.

But if your bedroom is big enough that it doesn’t matter, this wall decal may be just the thing to surround yourself with. You can also use it as an accent wall. It’s only $5.50 per square foot.

  • This Second Rainbow Ombre – While the softer counterpart to this design works best for kitchen use, this bolder version is perfect in any bedroom.

This removable wallpaper mural boasts a pure, vibrant rainbow gradient. Though the colors are deeper, it’s still a restful overall look for $72 per 24 x 96-inch roll.

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Since bathrooms tend to be smaller, brighter shades give the illusion of more space. It’s important to use wallpaper that isn’t going to curl up when exposed to high levels of moisture. Textured styles can accumulate bacteria, too.

With those thoughts in mind, here are some rainbow bathroom wallpaper options to prevent the growth of germs:

  • Happy FishPutting fish on your walls anywhere but the bathroom is bound to net you some funny looks. This wallpaper design full of schools of rainbow-colored happy fish is perfect for small and large bathrooms, at $96 per roll.
  • Rainbow TrackRetro styles are popular today, and this rainbow track design is sure to be a hit. With one bold rainbow pattern swiping through the wallpaper, it’s easy to accessorize to match. At $4.40 a square foot, you can’t go wrong.

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2. How to Hang Wallpaper

Rainbow wallpaper sample colors

Once you find the perfect design for every room in your house, the next hurdle to jump is hanging it.

Being a wallpapering expert is a great skill to have under your belt! Mastering this technique is something to be proud of!

With these step-by-step instructions to DIY, you can be a wallpaper guru in no time.

Hanging Peelable Wallpaper

If you purchased removable wallpaper, you’ve got the easy route before you. With just a few simple steps, your room will be rainbow-filled!

  • Step One: Prepare your wall for papering. You don’t have to do anything major, but make sure they’re clean (dirt and debris on the wall will show up through the paper). Cover any holes with spackling. Scrape the excess away and let it dry.
  • Step Two: Measure the area of the wall you want to cover. Then measure your removable wallpaper and cut it to size. Experts recommend adding three extra inches each time, to account for error. After you finish, slice this extra paper off with a knife.
  • Step Three: Put the paper up against the wall before you peel it. Make sure you have a straight, even section. When you’re ready, peel the removable backing off in small pieces and push the paper against the clean wall. Start at the ceiling and work your way down in small, four to six-inch sections.
  • Step Four: Cut off any excess paper with an Exacto knife, then repeat for the next section of the wall.

Hanging Non-Removable Wallpaper

Peelable wallpaper isn’t the only way to get some ambiance in your home. Non-removable wallpaper might be your preference. However, it’s not as easy and requires more cautious maneuvering.

Hang your permanent paper as simple as possible with these step-by-step instructions to DIY skill mastery:

  • Step One: Make sure your walls are clean and bare. You may need to sand away any textures. Cover any holes with spackling, scrape off the excess, and let dry.
  • Step Two: Measure your walls and cut the wallpaper to size in strips. Leave an extra four-inch overhang.
  • Step Three: One strip at a time, turn the paper over onto a flat surface. Using a clear, hanging glue, spread a layer of adhesive over the upper half of the strip. Let the glue cure and wipe off any excess, then repeat with the lower half. Make sure to remove any bubbles in the wallpaper.
  • Step Four: Hang the strip of wallpaper, starting at the ceiling and working your way down, pressing down in small sections.

With most glues, you’ll have about 15 minutes before it’s too dry to use. This should give you enough time to adhere the wallpaper, pulling it away from the wall and repositioning it as necessary.
  • Step Five: Cut the excess paper from the edges. Use a paper roller to smooth out the seams after the fifteen-minute drying time has passed.
  • Step Six: Repeat steps one through five until you’ve covered the wall. Make sure to place your new paper strips directly against the previous paper’s edge, without overlapping or angling away.

3. Using Rainbow Wallpaper With a Designer’s Eye

Person viewing rainbow wallpaper

If you’re not an expert interior designer, you’re probably hesitant about using rainbow patterns as wallpaper. It’s understandable. Wallpaper is a long-term solution and can be a pricey investment, depending on the pattern you choose.

The trick is to create balance in every room. So if you’re using a loud rainbow pattern with bold colors, then you’d accessorize with soft colors in your furniture and decor.

Keep these tips in mind as you establish balance in your new rainbow-centric home:

  • Know what your focal point is. If it’s the wallpaper, build the rest of the room around that design. If it’s a furniture item or something else, use the wallpaper to complement the focal point.
  • Create a center point. This is not the same as the focal point. In every room, you need to establish where the center of the room is.

In your living room, for instance, it might be the place you put your TV. In your bedroom, it could be your bed. The rest of the room uses that center point to balance it out.
  • Balance your decor. Accessorizing a room with pieces that are all one height or one color makes the space unbalanced. Vary your decor so that the room has an even distribution of items of various sizes, shapes, and colors.

As pleasant as rainbow patterns are, too much of a good thing is still…too much. Balance is the key to perfect cool wallpaper usage.


All things rainbow are eye-catching and heartwarming. When you want to create this ambiance in your home, rainbow wallpaper is the perfect way to do the job.

But like with any pattern, it’s necessary to do so strategically. Not everyone will share your love of bright, happy rainbows plastered all over the wall. Go subtle where subdued is necessary, and vibrant when you can get away with it.

When you do it right, the rainbow pattern will be the envy of all your guests. And mastering the skill of wallpapering will impress all your friends. They may even call you when they’re ready to rainbow their homes, too!

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