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Five Bedroom Closet Organization Tactics to Stay More Organized

The average person in today’s society juggles dozens of responsibilities. All before they even head to work for the day.

Sure, waking up early and practicing self-care would be great, but who has the time?

Personal hygiene tasks and family duties are priorities that can take up the entire morning. With so much on your schedule before you’re fully awake, how can you possibly squeeze in one more thing?

Have you ever considered that it’s not what you have to do, but how you’re doing it that’s the time-wasting culprit?

Consider the precious minutes that disappear as you rush to find the shirt you need or your child’s missing shoe. These unnecessary distractions cost you time. Time you could better spend in other ways.

Disorganization leads to habits that slowly become acceptable parts of the day. Most people consider the time spent tracking down missing items or dealing with chaos as part of life.

But when everyone’s bedroom closet is organized, it’s incredible how the entire day becomes more effortless.

Why not give it a try?

An hour spent straightening up your home’s closets with these five tricks can save you countless hours of stress every day.

1. Take an Honest Look at How Much You Have

Before you can come up with a plan for organization, you need to see how bad the problem is.

There’s no point in dragging out the pain. Pull the bandaid off and get a real look at what’s going on in your closets.

Focusing on one room at a time, completely empty the racks and shelves. Pile everything in sections separating the clothing, shoes, accessories, and other items. Use the bed or baskets to prevent making a huge mess.

When the closet is empty, take a step back and survey your piles. How much work do you have in front of you?

Are you a “closet” hoarder and didn’t even realize it? Do you need a completely new organizational system? Or could you benefit from a few storage supplies?

With a solid idea of how big the problem is, you can move forward with fixing it.

2. Eliminate the Unnecessary Stuff

To get organized, you’ve got to declutter your closet. That’s okay because you’ve already got everything out. Before you put it back, make the conscious decision as to whether each item is worth saving or not.

If you’re on the fence about something, ask yourself these yes or no questions:

  • Does the object in question get used often?
  • Is it in good shape (no tears, stains, etc.)?
  • Is it the only one of its kind that you have?
  • Does it make you feel happy to keep it?
  • If it’s clothing, does it fit?
  • Can you find a way to store it neatly?

If the answer to all of these is “yes,” keep it without hesitation!

But if you answered no to any of them, consider tossing it in the “purge” pile.

Donate or sell anything gently used that you’ve decided to get rid of and throw the rest of the pile away.

3. Separate Your Clothes

You’ve narrowed down your belongings to a manageable pile now. Before you start hanging things back up, you need to decide what system you’re going to use.

It’s true. You can’t hang your clothing up willy nilly and consider it organized. It takes more than sitting on a hanger. You have to choose how you’ll keep your clothes easy to store and access.

Some people hang their apparel in ensembles. If you frequently wear the same pants, shirt, and accessories together, try keeping them on one hanger. Hang the outfits you wear most often toward the front of your closet to be easily accessible.

Another option is to separate your apparel by color, style, or season. Whatever way works for you is the right system!

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4. Increase (or Reduce) Space

The size of your closet goes a long way in determining how you organize.

If your closet is too big, it can be tempting to overload your wardrobe and fill it with clutter. There is such a thing as too much closet space, especially if neatness isn’t your strong suit.

On the flip side, some people fill their small closets to overflowing with clothes. Opting to squish them on hangers when they can’t fit in drawers.

You can’t reduce or enlarge the closet unless you plan on renovating. But you can use closet organizers to get what you do have under control.

Baskets are great for holding the bulky clothes and blankets that take up too much room.

Decorative bins collect small accessories and makeup to keep them from spreading into your clean spaces.

If you’ve got a lot on your shelves, dividers might be precisely what you need to reduce spillage from one pile to the next.

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5. Add the Little Touches

Once you’ve organized your clothes, you can see how much room you have left for accessories. If your closet is super small, you may have to move any non-apparel into the bedroom.

Make the most of the space you have by using your walls, door, and floor strategically.

A shoe tower or over-the-door organizer may fit perfectly in your closet.

If you really want to keep your jewelry, scarves, and purses in the closet, you can. You may have to be creative with what you have to work with.

But where there’s a will — and open space — there’s a way.

When you take the time to organize your closets, your family members will follow suit (possibly after much prodding and reminding).

Over time, this new, organized look will seep into the rest of your house. Where you once ran late looking for missing items, your days will be full of extra minutes to spend on other, more important things.

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