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5 Quick Fixes That’ll Make Your Furniture Look Brand New

Sometimes, you want to revamp your home interior, but the furniture you have just doesn’t fit the style you’re looking for. Other times, your current furniture gets scuffed, faded, or scratched.

When your budget doesn’t include “out with the old and in with the new,” what can you do to fix these problems?

No, you don’t have to make do with the furniture you don’t like. Instead, try these five quick fixes to make everything you have look brand new again!

1. Renew the Wood

Many of us have those hand-me-down furniture items we can’t bear to part with.

Maybe they’re from our ancestors and are pieces of our heritage. Or perhaps they’re something you fell in love with that doesn’t quite fit your home anymore.

If the skeleton of your furniture is in good shape (and the wood isn’t rotting), you can give it a new look that matches your current theme.

Depending on the look you’re going for, you have a few options:

  • Cover it up with paper. Many DIY craft projects suggest covering old, fading furniture with wallpaper or contact paper. It’s much easier than staining or painting, and you have an endless choice of patterns and designs.
  • Refinish the piece with stain. Find a well-ventilated area to work in. Strip away the old, lusterless finish, then sand down the surfaces. With some stain and sealant, you’ll have a like-new furniture piece again!
  • Paint over the current color. You can brush over existing paint if the current coat is in good shape. The new color will stick to the old layer, not the furniture, so if you’re repainting a chipping object, you might want to strip it first.

Keep your favorite wooden pieces timeless by updating them to match your home. The beauty of solidly built furniture is in passing it down through generations.

2. Repurpose a Piece

Before you decide to get rid of furniture you don’t use anymore, consider repurposing it into something else.

Whether the piece is cheap or well-made, you can probably find another use for it if you think outside of the box.

Would your old furniture work better as one of these other purposes instead?

With a little creative thinking and some research, you can repurpose anything into a brand new furniture masterpiece.

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3. Cover it Up

When your sofa or recliner becomes faded or ripped, the first thought you may have is that you need to replace it. If the stuffing and spine are fine, why invest that much money into getting brand new furniture when you could cover up what you already have?

Toddler mishaps, spills, and pet odor don’t have to be the kiss of death for your expensive furniture anymore. Now, it’s easy to order a slipcover to slide over the stained or out-of-date cushions.

If the problem goes too deep to hide, you can remove the upholstery entirely and replace the inner workings with new fabric. Reupholstering from scratch may take some time, but it’s a great challenge as a DIY project!

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4. Add Accents

Just as make-up hides a variety of flaws, so does the use of accessories to accent your furniture.

With the strategic placement of some throw pillows and a decorative blanket, your couch and loveseat can look brand new. Accessories are not always convenient when guests come over. Don’t forget to have a nearby basket handy to store the pillows and blanket when you wish to move them.

In the bedroom, old curtains and linens can make the whole atmosphere seem drab. Put some new linens on the bed, get a liner for your comforter, and swap out the curtains with bright colors. When you walk into the room, you’ll feel like you have brand new furniture!

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This same method can fix up your kitchen and lounge area, too. If you already have any linens, replace them with more updated fabrics.

If you don’t have any currently, add some cushions to your chairs. Pick out placemats that are easy to clean and match your kitchen decor. Add a centerpiece as a finishing touch, and you have a new table set!

5. Swap Out Hardware

Sometimes, the furniture itself is in good condition, but the hardware causes it to become unsightly. Brass and other metals rust and fade over time, aging the piece before its time.

A simple fix of swapping out the small knobs and hinges on your desk, dresser drawers, and even your cupboards can make a world of difference.

You can change the fixtures from pull handles to knobs, brass to glass, and a variety of other updated options!

Don’t let rundown hardware be the cause of your unhappiness with a room. Replacing the old pieces with new updates more to your style can change the entire mood of a room.


You work hard for your money, and any extra you have should go to better use than replacing perfectly good furniture.

If those old pieces still have the possibility of looking beautiful again, why not breathe them back to life?

Repurpose what you have into something fun and new or revamp it for a fresh look with these quick fixes!

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