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The Best Pink Sofas for Your Home

Love pink? We do too! And when it comes to furniture we have a fascination with pink couches. Check out the best ones we found!

When you visit a furniture store, you’ll see a lot of variety in style. But the colors are all predictable: neutrals like beige, tan, and gray, whites, blacks, and blues.

These shades are fine for the average person’s home, but if you want living room furniture that stands out — pink is the way to go.

Pink has come a long way from the “girly” color it was once associated with. “Real men wear pink,” breast cancer awareness, and various other campaigns have made this shade popular for more than just a little girl’s nursery.

A splash of pink in your living room (or home office!) creates a unique and often unexpected touch. You don’t have to go overboard, though. All it takes is a pink sofa and a few matching home decor accessories to make a fashion statement in your home.

The atmosphere you’re looking to create will determine the shade of pink you use. Pinks can be everything from elegant to bubbly.

Not sure which color works for your intended theme? Check out this list of the best pink sofas on the market, broken down by style, to help you decide!

1. Elegant and Classy Pink Sofas

If the look you want to make falls more in the realm of “sophisticated elegance,” there are a few shades of pink you’ll want to stick with. Material and shape make a difference here, too.

Velvet sofas with curves are the touch you’re looking for. For a classy finish, use softer shades like blushes or dark berries, like those featured here:

  • Daisy Petite Plush Velvet Settee – This collection by Daisy is perfect for anyone who wants an elegant room but isn’t sure what to pair with their sofa. The set comes with a sofa, settee, and chair, or each is available separately.

Soft retro curves make this sofa stand out from modern designs. The velvet fabric in this particular settee is blush pink with retro channel tufting. The brushed gold legs round out the sophisticated look.

Pairing this soft pink with charcoal gray, navy, or chocolate will ensure the classy look you’re aiming for.

  •  Rose by the Everygirl – This sofa is the definition of elegant. Boasting gentle curves and comfortable cushions without harsh stitching or patterns. The English rolled arm has tiny pleats that draw the eye and keep the upholstery classic instead of boring.

The round back cushions offer unparalleled support, while the sloped wooden legs look attractive. The front legs have wheels for easy maneuverability.

Rose colors blend well with light grays, whites, blacks, teal, and mint green.

  • Ciara Classic Old Hollywood – If you’ve always had that feeling that you were born in the wrong decade, this armchair will make you feel right at home. Reminiscent of the classic Hollywood cinema days, the velvet sofa in berry has an elegant charm.

The upholstery of this club-style couch is of the softest velvet with curves and lines that combine for a glamourous yet classic feel. With a pleated back and no-lined seats, the mix is striking.

Rounded geometric throw pillows bring a contrasting touch that’s nothing short of incredible.

It’s a little trickier pairing colors with berries, though you can’t go wrong with dark gray and black.

A classy living room begins and ends with organization.

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2. Modern and Contemporary Pink Sofas

Today’s modern style tends to be comfort-driven. This allows for unusual shapes and designs if they aid in the quest for better enjoyment.

To that end, the pink sofas you’ll want to put in your contemporary home will be simple designs and easy to keep up with, like these stylish models:

  • Donahoe Sofa – Clean ribbed tufts in the deep back cushions pair with soft velvet-upholstered seats. The walnut legs add a retro flair to an otherwise modern sofa.

You’ll find comfort is the key in the added webbing and spring suspension system. You may even sigh as you sink into the plush padded cushions when you are ready to relax.

The blush pink of this sofa has an orange tint to it. These shades pair well with teal and chocolate brown.

  • Claybrooks Square Arm Sofa – The modern look in this sofa naturally combines with mid-century contemporary style. The final design gives you a look that’s just as at home in today’s living room as it was decades ago.

The hand-crafted, kiln-dried hardwood frame supports removable, reversible cushions for easy cleaning. The upholstery is soft velvet with a webbing and spring suspension system for comfort.

This sofa comes in blush pink, but it leans more toward the darker hue of the shade. When you pair it with navy, chocolate, or olive, you get a modern look that everyone will love.

  • Creeves Curved Sofa – This sofa has a decidedly feminine touch to it with sensual curves and lines. The visible hat-tip to a modern style shows in the angled legs and the bold “blush pink” leaning toward a purple-toned berry color.

The velvet upholstery wrapping around the seats frames the sofa in varying curves. The overall look appears like the focus is on style. But there’s a significant component geared toward comfort with foam padding and roomy seats.

This “blush” sofa is on the borderline between pink and purple. Accessorize with teal, white, and silver for the best contrasts.

When it comes to modern home decor, the method in which you incorporate shelving goes a long way.

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3. Warm and Inviting Sofas

Style is important, but if you are trying to create a room that is welcoming, you have to have certain features in your furniture. Pink sofas can be loud and intimidating unless you find the right shade and design.

How you accessorize matters, also. Tone down your decor to avoid too much stimulation, and keep to neutral or warm colors. Use a sofa like this to invite people to sit and hang out for a while:

  • Vintage Tufted Convertible Sofa – Soft edges and curves on your sofa encourage a person to relax. The right colors make the room warm and cozy. This couch has both in just the right amounts.

The baby pink upholstery in luxurious velvet is comfortable, and the diamond tufting is just the right side of classic. The side arms are charming and sized perfectly for leaning.

As a finishing touch, the sofa converts to sitting, lounging, or sleeping comfortably. It really can’t get more welcoming than that. But if you want to accessorize and make your room more inviting, use chocolate brown or charcoal gray.

  • Santa Fe Reversible Sectional – Sectionals are perfect for any room, but they’re extra inviting if you set them up right. If you tilt the seats for maximum conversational effect, you’ll make everyone feel welcome.

Made of velvet upholstery, this sectional has clean, simple lines in its design. Its deep seats are soft enough to curl up and get comfy on.

While this sofa could easily work in a meeting room, you can combine it with other decor for your inviting atmosphere. Keep the colors neutral or go with a chocolate brown for impact.

  • Keegan Loveseat – You can get cozy and relax in the deep, velvety cushions of this pink sofa! Recessed buttons soften the detailed lines to create an angled look inviting you to sit.

The plastic legs are sturdy enough to last through even the toughest horseplay. And the perfectly straight-edged back makes for an easy cleanup job if your children don’t listen to the “no food on the couch” rule.

Some couches are not child-friendly, but this sofa mixes style and a warm environment. Add to that mood by pairing accents of gray or turquoise.

4. Upbeat and Bubbly Pink Sofas

Some people love to surround themselves in happy colors. Their moods are so upbeat that anything less than vibrant just doesn’t match.

For those people, deep hues of berry and hot bursts of pink are exciting, not scary. If that’s you, you’ll love these bubbly pink sofas:

  • Laster Chesterfield Rolled Arm Sofa – It’s the perfect sofa for anyone who wants a statement piece of furniture. This fuchsia pink masterpiece is elegant, stylish, and bold all in one.

The rolled arms are soft and relaxing, but the button-tufted accents in the front and back provide a classy touch. The deep-seated polyester cushions are just right for curling up with a good book or napping in front of the TV.

If this is your statement piece of furniture, pair it with contrasts of white or black. But if bold is your signature style, fuchsia goes well with lime green, tangerine, and yellow. Have fun with it, and stick with vibrant colors!

The comfortable, rich velvet upholstery surrounds high-density foam seat cushions. But what makes it stand out is the modern tufted design from top to bottom. It’s a unique style you don’t see everywhere!

This sofa sits on a fine line between fuchsia and berry. Accents of white or teal best complement this distinctive color.

  • Modern Bea Pink Sofa – When it comes to bubbly furniture, there is no such thing as “too pink.” This handmade hot pink velvet sofa shows off your comfort level with bold shades and out-of-the-norm color schemes.

The Lucite legs hold up a solid wood frame covered in velvet upholstery material. The high-density foam cushions attach to the deep-seated back for no-nonsense comfort.

With this long, seater sofa, you don’t need much else in the room. But when you do accessorize, use other bold colors like teal or orange. If that’s too bold for you, tone it down with neutral shades.

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5. Soft and Relaxing Sofas

Sometimes we just want to walk into a room and feel calm and relaxed. Your sofa and accessories can create that feel if you choose them carefully.

For that soothing atmosphere, these comfortable couches in soft shades of pink are precisely what the doctor ordered:

  • Modway Curved Velvet Sofa – Don’t let the high-end velvet upholstery fool you. This fabric sofa’s soft pink curves whisper, “Relax on me.”

The deep, springy cushions provide quality comfort and rest. And the metal legs and easy wipedown fabric make the cleanup as restful as the style.

To keep the soft ambiance you’re looking for, use soft neutrals, navy, and gray as accents in with this sofa.

This powder pink sleeper sofa is actually a foldable futon, but the style is nowhere near bland. The soft curves and comfortable polyester cushions ensure your guests sleep restfully. The little tuft accents add class to the piece.

As with the loveseat above, your best colors for a soothing atmosphere are gray, navy, or neutrals.

  • Nico Sofa – This custom-made sofa is a plush velvet blush made of the softest upholstery possible. Three layers of high-density foam ensure that you and everyone next to you will relax in comfort.

The clean lines and no-frills allow this sofa to fit in with any style — from classic to modern to glam. The square frame contrasts with the round seat cushion for a touch of flair.

When you use this sofa as your living room furniture’s centerpiece, you can accent it with other, slightly darker blush pinks. It also works with charcoal gray or chocolate brown.


Pink is a statement color that says so many things, but it can also blend into the background for a subdued look. The wide range of bright shades like coral, fuchsia, and magenta contrast with more elegant hues like blush, rose, and powder pink.

Some colors are more distinctly feminine, and others are neutral. But they all have something to say, wherever you put them.

Whatever your goal is for the room, there’s a pink sofa out there that will do the job for you. Once you’ve picked one out, tie in an area rug and end table for ultimate living room styling appeal.

Classy, sassy, sleeper sofa, or somewhere in between, if you want to be different — stick with pink!

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