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7 Ways to Give Your Dog Extra Attention and Love

If you have a dog, you’ve likely fallen in love with him or her and vise-versa. It’s hard not to when most dogs are devoted to their owners.

Your furry pal wants nothing more than to spend time with you!

When you’re gone, they eagerly await your return. And they live for every moment they spend by your side.

But, if you’ve been busy as of late, your pet might be feeling neglected.

Make it up to him or her by showering them with affection and attention. And these tips are an excellent place to start!

1. Take Them With You While Running Errands

Your dog thrives on hanging out with you, so why not bring them along for a car ride?

An easy way to spend time with your fur child is by having them go with you to run errands.

Be selective on what errands so that they don’t have to stay in the car, especially if it’s hot (that’s a big no-no).

Some restaurants and stores allow dogs, so research ahead of time to find out where you can take them.

That way, you won’t have to leave him or her alone in your car while you run inside a store!

So do some research ahead of time and plan to spend some time running errands with your furry pal.

They’ll have a blast putting their head (and tongue) out the window. And hanging out with heir favorite person, of course!

2. Do Some Snuggling

If your dog sleeps with you (or even if he or she doesn’t!) take time each morning to snuggle in bed. You can also snuggle on the sofa or wherever you want!

Before making snuggling a habit, it’s first essential to understand your dog’s needs. Make sure they indeed like to snuggle, and if so, what type of snuggling works best.

To find out if he or she likes that type of affection, pay attention to their body language. It’s a good sign if they curl up next to you. That means they want to spend time snuggling with their person!

Another sign he or she likes snuggling is if their nose bumps your hand when you’re lying by her or him. If you start getting up, and he or she uses their adorable nose to bump her hand, it’s a way of saying, “please stay by me!”

Even if they like to snuggle, make sure he or she’s in the mood. Not all dogs want to be super affectionate, and you need to respect their boundaries.

If your dog is a snuggler, curling up next to him or her will make them feel wanted and adored.

And, it’s something that will make you feel happy and loved too!

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3. Look for Extra Moments for Playtime

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, try to sneak in some playtime here and there.

While you’re watching TV, play a quick game of tug of war. Or, when you get him or her a new toy, make time to watch them enjoy it.

You might prefer to dedicate an hour or more uninterrupted time with them. But that’s not always workable.

Do what you can and make time to play between your daily activities.

You’ll find you’re spending a lot more playtime than you did in the past!

4. Help Them Relax by Brushing Their Hair

Most dogs enjoy getting their hair brushed, except for when you’re trying to get out knots.

Instead of doing your regular hair brushing routine, take some extra time to give him or her a brush massage.

Concentrate on one section of hair at a time, and gently use the brush to give a doggy massage.

If your dog is older, this is an excellent way to help him or her unwind and feel better.

Your pet will no doubt appreciate the massage, and it’ll help relax their muscles too!

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5. Go on Quick Walks

What dog doesn’t like to go on a walk?

Even when you’re pressed for time, get your pup outside for a walk. It’s okay if your walks are only for ten minutes at a time.

Going on a quick walk is better than not going on any walks at all!

So, the next time you have ten minutes to spare, put on their harness and leash and head outside!

The moments you spend together, though brief sometimes, will mean a lot to your furry pal.

6. Use a Loving Voice

Happy dog

Dogs respond by your voice, so if you’ve been irritable and impatient lately, work on that.

Instead, be calm and loving with your voice to show them that you care. If you’re cheerful, they’ll likely wag their tail or get excited.

Dogs respond to how their human is feeling and know when you’re happy about their behavior.

So, if you’ve been stressed, it’s likely he or she’s upset too. And if you’re happy, they’ll get excited and feel like a good boy or girl (because they are)!

Going through a hard time is understandable. But it’s vital to be aware that what you’re going through also affects your dog. She or he needs reassurance that everything will be okay just as much as you do.

7. Take Extra Time on Their Food

If your dog is used to the same meal day every day, why not put some extra love in their food?

Spend more time than you usually would preparing a home-cooked meal. Or, you could use a food topper to add extra flavor.

But, do some research before making her a meal. There are some foods dogs are severely allergic to, such as chocolate and macadamia nuts.

So, look into what she or he can and can’t have before creating a deluxe meal. His or her health depends on it!

After you have a meal all made up, you’ll make them feel like royalty.

Not only will he or she look forward to upgraded food, but if it’s nutrient-rich, it’ll improve their health too!

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In Conclusion

Pampering your pet is an excellent way for them to feel love and adored.

And since you’re taking the time to care for your dog, you’ll feel great knowing you’re giving him or her attention.

Continue to be there for your fur child by playing with them and doing other things they appreciate.

Your dog may not be able to tell you in words that they care, but by their doggy language, you can understand.

That wagging tail and dog kisses are confirmation that she or he feels adored and then some!

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