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Using the KonMari Method, Here are 7 Ways to Organize Your Interiors

The best interior design is not only unique and stylish, but also clean, open, and organized. That’s why using the KonMari method is so great!

We all tend to collect things throughout the years that take up space. Some of these things are necessary, while some aren’t. The KonMari method helps you distinguish between the two so that you don’t have a lot of clutter messing up your design.

Want to organize your home’s interior according to the KonMari philosophy? Just follow these seven tips:

1. Give All Things a Home

The root word of organize is “organ,” which calls to mind the organs of the human body. Every part of your body has a designated spot.

Could you imagine if the heart and the brain switched places? No doubt, chaos (then probably death) would ensue!

When we see our homes as spaces full of “organs,” with designated roles, we can easily see how all things need a home. And how keeping everything in its place will ward off chaos.

While it may be easy to keep a couch and table where they belong, we have many small things that are hard to keep in one place.
It can be helpful to put those small things on a tray or in a basket, but that tray and basket need homes of their own.

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2. Keep Shelves and Side Tables Small


Marie Kondo advises against having any extra space for clutter to collect. For instance, the smaller your shelves and side tables, the less room you’ll have to accumulate clutter.

We all have that one table that we tend to dump our stuff on when we walk in the door. Set up a basket or tray for those things that require a place, like keys and a wallet, but don’t allow random items to be placed there.

Also, if your furniture pieces are smaller, they will take up less space and allow for more breathing room in your home.

3. Switch Things Up With the Seasons

When the seasons come and go, so should some of our household items. You need certain items during some parts of the year, but the rest of the year, they’re just in the way.

To keep your home clutter-free, put away scarves, hats, boots, and fuzzy throw blankets in the spring. You’ll have no use for them then.

In the fall, gather up all your summer toys, sun hats, and sandals, and put them in storage until the next summer.

4. Organize by Category

The KonMari method provides a strict system to follow while you declutter. It’s a way to organize your organizing!

The system has five categories, which are:

While Marie Kondo has reasoning as to why they are in this order, let’s just take her word for it.

So, start by organizing your clothing in an easy-to-see manner (see point seven for how to do this the Konmari way).

Do the same for books, then papers, and then those miscellaneous items that you can’t quite fit into a category.

Lastly, organize your mementos. Since you’ve already organized your other items, you have plenty of time to spend smiling or crying over the memories they recall.

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5. Find Pieces That “Spark Joy”


There are things that every home requires to make it comfortable. For example, a couch is in almost every living room across America. Most people look for a couch that is comfortable and functional.

How can a couch spark joy?

Well, your couch should be inviting. You should be able to sit at the end of a long day and sink into your couch with a big sigh. That’s joy right there!

But there are other pieces in your home that may not have the joy factor. Take your window shades, for example. How could they spark joy?

Perhaps it’s the color or the fabric that allows for the perfect amount of sun to warm the room. You shouldn’t settle for drab window treatments that evoke no feeling whatsoever.

While they are normally considered a functional part of a home, serving the purpose of privacy and blocking out light, they can still bring joy to your home.

This holds true for every item you own. Your table, dishes, rugs, and artwork — everything in your home should bring you joy when you see it or use it.

6. Artwork Should Be Authentic

The KonMari method is against anything generic. It’s all about having a home that reflects your hopes, desires, and passions. There is nothing passionate about a mass-produced art print.

Adorn your walls with pieces created by real artists that speak to you. Don’t settle for what is “trending.”

Who knows? You might even start a trend with your good art taste.

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7. Store Your Fabrics Vertically

There is another gem that the KonMari method shares with us, and it’s how to fold and store your clothes vertically. Although this may not seem like such a genius discovery, once you try it, you’ll see the value that it brings.

Organizing your clothing in an upright position keeps them from getting wrinkled and allows you to see every item in the drawer at once. No more shirts forgotten at the bottom of the pile!

When applied to other items, you notice that it keeps them in view and gives them a longer lifespan.


Whether you’ve read her books or not, you can no doubt see some value in Marie Kondo’s technique. A decluttered life is most certainly a happier life.

When you design your living space with cleanliness and joy as the end goal, you can’t go wrong!