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How to Add a Chill Vibe to Your Bedroom

If there’s one room in your house that should be totally relaxing, it’s your bedroom. The atmosphere should be cozy and peaceful so you can fall asleep and wake up serenely.

Since it’s also the room that most guests don’t see, it’s easy to let the bedroom get messy or become the catch-all area. This is a mistake a lot of people make that can end up costing them their restful slumber time.

Your bedroom should exude a chill vibe that tells your mind it’s time to unwind. Here are a few DIY home decor tips that will make your room a personal refuge from the stress of the outside world.

1. Keep It Clean

Clutter and mess in your bedroom are scientifically proven to have a negative effect on your sleep.

Your brain doesn’t start to “shut off” until you close your eyes, and even then, it’s still processing stimuli. Everything in your environment, from the dirty clothes on the floor to the cluttered nightstand, is being analyzed. You don’t even realize it’s going on because it’s such an automatic part of what your mind does.

Because of this, it’s important that you take some time to tidy up your room. Give it a deep clean overhaul and figure out what you really need in there versus what could be better stored somewhere else.

Keepsakes are fine, as long as they’re limited. A few knick-knacks on a shelf and a couple of personal pictures won’t bother you too much. But, you should avoid clusters of collectibles and anything with bold colors or images.

Try to adopt the “less is more” policy in your bedroom as you’re cleaning and decluttering.

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2. Tone Down the Lighting

chill bedroom lighting

There’s no need for harsh lighting in the bedroom. Even during the day, if you need extra light to get yourself ready, you can open the blinds and let in the natural sunshine!

Bedroom lighting should be relaxing, especially at night. Bright lights signal the brain to wake up and become alert. If you’re going for a chill vibe in your room, try these lighting sources instead:

  • LED strips around the perimeter of your wall (we love the Philips Hue light strips!)
  • Fairy lights on the window or around your bed
  • Pendant Lighting on the ceiling
  • Track lights
  • Floor lamps

Many of the newer lights work with home assistants like Alexa and Google Home, so you can turn them on and off with a voice command.

3. Use Soothing Colors

An easy way to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary is simply to change your color scheme. Switch out your prints or bolder hues for soothing, tranquil shades instead.

Limit the colors you use to two or three different ones, then find what you’re looking for in various shades of those color choices. Some of the most peaceful pigments for the bedroom include:

  • Lavenders and pastel purples
  • Blues with gray undertones
  • Sage greens
  • Neutrals like taupe and beige
  • Blush pinks
  • Off-whites

Mixing any of these together should create an atmosphere that you can walk into and instantly feel calmer.

4. Bring the Outdoors Into Your Bedroom

There’s just something relaxing about being outside in the still, quiet of the night. When you know you’re safe from harm, you can listen to the sounds and enjoy the nature around you.

This feeling can be brought into the bedroom, too, if you do it right.

Start with a few indoor plants. Set one on a shelf in your room and another in a corner. Keep going until you are satisfied with the overall feel, but don’t go overboard. Too many plants can still clutter your mind.

Pipe in some relaxing background sounds of your favorite place in nature. You should easily be able to find ocean, woods, and waterfall tracks to download. Play these as you fall asleep (but put them on a timer if you are a light sleeper).

For a final touch, you can turn your ceiling into the night sky, too. There are stickers you can buy to set up constellations wherever you want them and holograms that do the work for you. The final effect should make you feel like you’re falling asleep outside under the stars.

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5. Enhance the Scents

Chill vibe bedroom scent

Smells are very distracting to our brains. Have you ever been woken up out of a sound sleep because of a strange smell, either good or bad? Your brain keeps processing sensory stimuli, and when your eyes are closed, smells can cause you to become alert.

Your bedroom shouldn’t have the musty smell of dirty clothes and dust (or worse). You can create a relaxing environment to fall asleep in by switching up the scents in the room.

Start by changing your sheets into freshly laundered linens. Use scent-boosting fabric softener or linen sprays with your favorite smells. That way, you can snuggle up in your bed and drift off to sleep to those comforting odors.

Scented candles are popular but can be dangerous if you fall asleep before you blow them out. Instead, try an aromatherapy diffuser or wall plug-ins to keep the smells fresh.

You can set these on a timer so you don’t have to worry about them. Then, you can just replace the liquid as needed.

Avoid strong, overpowering scents. Lavender, vanilla, and chamomile are often recommended for their relaxing qualities.


If there’s a room in your house that needs a chill vibe, it’s the bedroom. The atmosphere of your room is what tells your brain when it’s time to relax and unwind.

These tips will transform your bedroom into your own peaceful sanctuary where you can enjoy the quiet calm away from the stresses of the outside world.