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5 Creative Ways to Store Keys at Your Apartment

Misplacing keys can be such a hassle. Solve this common issue once and for all. Choose one of these five creative ways to store keys at your apartment.

Life comes with a few small guarantees, like the fact that you’re going to misplace your keys at some point.

As you backtrack your movements to the last place you remember having them, you’ll be mentally kicking yourself that you don’t have a spare set on you.

Instead of losing minutes or hours of your day spinning in circles trying to find your primary set of keys, why not plan ahead and get a spare?

Of course, you can’t hide them just anywhere. The cliched places, like under your doormat or over the doorframe, are the first spots a burglar would look.

Given that 3,062 burglaries happen in the U.S. every day, you need to get crafty when storing your spares.

Whether you’re locked out or stuck inside trying to find where your toddler hid your keys this time, having a back-up will come in handy. Keep an extra set of your apartment and car keys hidden nearby with one of these five creative storage ideas.

1. Turn to Your Neighbor for Key Storage

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If you have a trusted neighbor next to you or down the street, ask him or her if you can keep your keys there in the event of an emergency. It’s not a simple yes or no, though.

They have to hide them someplace where you can access them if they’re not home. Otherwise, they should be willing to answer the door at all hours of the day, since you can’t plan what time your keys might go missing.

We all lose our keys at some point, including your neighbor and their family members. Let them know you’ll reciprocate the favor of hiding an extra set of keys, so if they’re ever locked out, they can turn to you for a rescue!

2. Get Some Wind Chimes

Outside view of an apartment from below

A popular place to store an extra door key is deep in the middle of a wind chime hanging from your front porch. Although wind chimes are an obvious hiding spot, they’re also a deterrent to thieves.

The concept behind this simple hiding spot makes sense. The goal of a burglar is to break in stealthily, and digging through chimes is anything but quiet.

If you live in an isolated area, wind chimes might not help stop a thief. But in a populated suburban neighborhood, it will make would-be criminals think twice about breaking in. And you will know exactly where that spare key is when you need it!

3. Invest in a Lockbox

Specialized lock to keep burglars out

A favorite spare key holder for businesses and private property is the lockbox. Realtors, Airbnb hosts, and other people who commonly show homes use lockboxes to store spare keys.

This method of strategic key storage is so popular because there are a few types of lockboxes. Each owner can choose the one that they feel most comfortable with to hold their spare keys.

The Types of Lockboxes Most Commonly Used

There are three main lockbox formats used by homeowners and businesses today. They all have their pros and cons, so once you know a bit more about each, you can choose the one that works for you.

  • Combination locks: Like a basic padlock, these lockboxes rely on a combination to be correctly input before unlocking. They are inexpensive and accessible at any time. However, a seasoned thief can break into these locks without much hassle.
  • Smart padlocks: Locking up a safe or cabinet with a smart padlock gives you the ability to provide anyone access to the lock with a PIN code or Bluetooth key. These are popular with Airbnb landlords because you can give guests customized PIN codes that are easy to change after checkout. But these are also the favorite of people who frequently lose keys or have lots of family members in their home.
  • Keypad security safes: If you don’t have a cabinet or other place to store a combination or padlock, keep your keys locked up in a safe. Keypad security only allows access to those who have the right code, and you can keep the safe anywhere.

The thing to try to avoid when you’re locking up your keys is to use a method that requires a key itself. Bluetooth, combinations, and keypads are better choices. You’ll be able to access your keys without scrambling to remember where you hid the key to the lock!

4. Grab Some Fake Property

Plant inside an apartment hiding a key

False rocks are easy for would-be burglars to spot anymore. But manufacturers are getting more creative with their hideaway options.

The trick is to find fake property methods that could fool you at first and second glance. They have to look real, or a thief will get suspicious.

Common ideas today include false sprinklers for holding your key outside the home.

A hollow book hidden alongside your collection of novels is another tried and true option. If you only have a few books, this might stand out, but a burglar is less likely to attempt to look at every spine on a packed bookshelf.

5. Skip the Keys and Go Smart

Smart lock for better apartment security

Technology has replaced everything. From how we turn our lights on and off in the home to how we GPS destinations. It’s not surprising that it’s also changing how we lock our doors.

Innovative smart tech lets you unlock your property from your phone. It uses Bluetooth programming or downloaded apps connected to the lock. Smart locks on your door mean you’ll never get locked out again.

Some of these locks let you see who is at your door and give them individual PINs to get inside. Every person in your family can have their own access codes for easy access, too.

If you lose your keys often, you might want to invest in smart locks.


Don’t waste your precious time searching for misplaced keys. If you’re a repeat offender, you know the hassle that can result from even a few minutes of running around trying to find your door or car key.

Hiding an extra set is the easy answer, but where to hide it is the dilemma. With these five creative solutions, you don’t have to run in circles trying to find the crucial key ring.

Just head to your hiding spot, go about your day, and deal with the missing keys when you aren’t on a deadline!

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