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7 Table Decorations to Create the Perfect Dining Arrangement

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One of the best parts of entertaining is creating an exceptional environment for everyone to enjoy and remember. Setting the mood with decorations can either make or break your dinner party.

Use these seven tips to bring a little finesse and creativity to your dining room table. You’ll be well on your way to making every mealtime gathering feel like a classy outing or nostalgic home-cooked experience.

1. Flowers


Flowers always light up the room. They’re possibly the most versatile decoration you have at your disposal. Whether you use live or artificial flowers, adding them to your dining arrangement will take things to the next level. 

Add them to your centerpiece to focus your guests’ attention, or create a small floral arrangement for each guests’ seat. 

Decorating for an important event like a rehearsal dinner or graduation party?

Consider adding a name tag to each personalized floral arrangement for extra class.

Adding accent flowers following a color scheme along your table runner will also give your dining arrangement a regal sparkle! 

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2. Candles

For a more intimate setting, candles are the way to go. There’s no replacing the warmth and romantic feel that candles can bring to the table — literally!

You can place candles along the center of the table for an even and controlled look. Or you can use books and candle holders to vary the height and spacing of each, creating more interest for the eye.

Achieve a serene candle touch by floating small candles in vases of water. Place the vases strategically along the center of your arrangement. It will make your guests feel like they’ve come to a spa for dinner

3. Table Runner

Table runners are an essential part of any dining arrangement (unless you’ve got a round table, of course). The runner provides a basis from which you can create depth and visual interest. 

You can use canvas or burlap for a simple runner, which you can find at almost any arts and crafts store

For birthdays, graduations, or farewell parties, use a chalkboard table runner so all your guests can sign and leave their best wishes.

If you’re hosting an anniversary dinner, you can DIY a photo album table runner. If that’s too much, keep things more straightforward by stitching together doilies or printing custom designs on a blank cloth.

4. Centerpiece 


Your centerpiece can be: 

  1. Big and extravagant to capture attention immediately or 
  2. Modest and minimal to play with subtle touches across your tabletop.

When it comes to centerpieces, fruit baskets work for every season. Just make sure your fruit is in season, and you’re good to go!

Flower arrangements can be simple or complex. A single vase or a series of small arrangements can help tie everything together and make your colors pop.

You can arrange candles in countless ways. As we mentioned earlier, get creative with the holders and play with height and spacing to create interest. 

The key here is to make your centerpiece the center of attention and decorate the rest of your tabletop based on that theme or color scheme.

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5. Mason Jars

The mason jar craze isn’t over yet! These little gems are some of the most versatile decorative pieces you can bring to the table. 

Fill your mason jars with sand and seashells for a beach-themed gathering, or use them as candle holders for a romantic country feel. 

You can use your mason jars as vases for your small floral arrangements and even as water glasses for your guests!

If you’re setting up for a buffet-style meal, use your mason jars as holders for cutlery, napkins, and anything else you’d like for your guests to grab. 

6. Linens


There’s no denying that linens add a certain level of class to any dining experience. If you’re going for elegance, make sure you set your table properly with a tablecloth and personal linens for your guests. 

A tablecloth can either add luxury to the dinner table or a country picnic feel. Solid color tablecloths will give that sense of grandeur, while plaid patterns will make your dining experience feel like a picnic in the countryside. 

Linen napkins are reusable and always feel more formal. But, you should always avoid using the same color for both your tablecloth and napkins.

Using your napkins as accent colors will create more interest — especially if they match any other accent pieces in your dining arrangement! 

7. Extra Little Touches

If you’ve never used charger plates for your dining arrangement, you should absolutely consider it! Charger plates are like coasters for your plates and can instantly take your dining set from simple to extravagant.

Your charger plates can match your centerpiece, runner, glassware, or china. If that’s not an option for you, use them as an accent color instead.

Linen rings can be as fancy as woven copper or as simple and charming as a twine bow tie. Either way, it shows an added level of thoughtfulness for your guests to enjoy. 

Knowing how to arrange silverware for every occasion is a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life. You’ll be able to entertain everyone from friends and family to the Queen of England without a hitch! 

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Creating the perfect dining arrangement can either be tiresome or fun and exciting. Use these decor tips to keep things on the fun side of the street.

We have no doubt that if you incorporate these seven decorations in your own creative way, you’ll wow your guests at every dinner party!