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5 Closet Organization Ideas to Steal from Celebrities

Can we all admit — we’ve at one point dreamed of being a celebrity?

Living a life of luxury, driving our fancy cars, and filling up walk-in closets with an endless variety of this season’s wardrobe.

While we can’t help you with the car or the clothes, we can guide you on how to create a closet worthy of celebrity status.

Whether you have a walk-in closet of your own or a small space to work with, these five tips will prime your wardrobe for high-class living.

1. Build a Wall for Your Shoes

Celebs love their shoes, and so, probably, do you.

If you’ve heard hundreds of times that you have too many footwear choices, it might have crossed your mind to get rid of some. But who knows when you might need those strappy high heels with the bejeweled soles?

Instead of purging your shoes and only keeping what you have room for, show off your collection by making a space dedicated to footwear.

There are towers and over-the-door racks, of course. They usually fit ten or twenty pairs, but the drawback is that the shoes often get distorted and squeezed.

For shoe collections that should be magnificently displayed, try using crown molding to create a hanging shoe rack.  Hang the molding in intervals across the wall.

Store your rarely used shoes toward the ceiling and your frequent flyers in easy reach.

2. Enhance the Vibe with Decor

Neutrals and pastels are the typical hues for a bedroom and closet. Why be ordinary, though, when you can stand out?

It’s your closet, so it should match your vibe. If you want to be bold, pick a vivid color you love and decorate to match.

You can choose to close the door and let the wild colors surprise and delight you every time you open them. Or leave the closet open and enjoy the mood that comes with decorating for your pleasure.

Once you decide on your color scheme, empty the closet from top to bottom. Give it a good cleaning while you’re in there, so you don’t have to worry about it for a while.

Then grab some paint or removable wallpaper and redo your walls. This is your time to shine. Mix and match, use prints, or stick with one primary hue.

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When the walls are dry, add some designs using wall decals. It’s easy to find peel-off decals in almost any pattern you want, from hanging vines to geometric patterns.

Your vibe doesn’t have to stop there. If you use your closet as a walk-in, look for jewelry and accessory storage to match your decals.

This brings cohesion to the whole space and a theme you can continue into your bedroom.

3. Use Storage Containers

Celebs might be able to donate last season’s wardrobe, but most of us have to keep ours.

That doesn’t mean you have to leave everything on display, crammed on hangers and drawers.

Many celebrities highly recommend using storage totes. They can house everything from pantry goods to your out-of-season clothing and accessories.

To do this in an organized manner, we suggest using totes that you can label, so you know what’s in each container.

The main rule is to make sure everything matches. Avoid randomly grabbing baskets because they’re on sale. Not only does this detract from the overall look of your closet, but it also affects the organization when each basket doesn’t sit flush with the next.

Designer baskets with lids look great in almost any environment. Use a label tied to the handle to list the contents.

4. Invest in a Garment Rack

When your closet is small, and your wardrobe is large, what do you do?

Downsize? Donate? Purge? No way!

Get a garment rack, instead!

Garment racks, like those seen in changing rooms at clothing stores, don’t take up much space.

The department store versions are dull, but don’t let that deter you. There are dozens of upscale options with multiple rods and shelf positioning.

Unlike bulky dressers or awkward hanging racks, you can roll a garment rack around as you need it. It’s lightweight but sturdy enough to hold your wardrobe, and you can enclose it if you prefer your things hidden away.

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5. Make Yourself Visible

Not all celebrities are vain, but they do know they’re in the public spotlight and need to tend to their appearance. To help make this easier, they add little touches in their closets.

One of these tricks is to splurge on lighting sources from different angles. Lighting can make a drastic difference in how you look.

If you want to make a good impression in a different environment, checking your appearance in multiple lights is essential.

Achieve this in your closet through:

  • Recessed lighting fixtures
  • Pendant lighting
  • LED lights installed on shelves
  • Lighted mirrors
  • Vanity lights
  • Natural light from windows

Multiple lighting is one trick. Another is to use mirrors to make the room look bigger and get a view of yourself from every angle.

The layout will depend on your closet. The goal is to try to get a mirror on each wall until you can see yourself from top to bottom.


Many celebrities love showing off their impressive wardrobes and designer accessories.

What do they do with it all behind the scenes?

Aside from the few who follow the “one and done” policy of wearing clothes, they all have closets just as we do. Theirs might be roomier, but they still use these tricks of the trade for organization.

We invite you to steal these five closet ideas and make them your own!

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