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How to Float a Sofa Plus Other Apartment Decor Tips

Living in an apartment means that sometimes you have to get creative to make space. You can have fun with your decor in ways that you might not otherwise think about!

From a floating sofa to choosing a bold item (like a chaise!) to make a statement in any room, the possibilities are endless.

Once you get started, you might find that the creative flow hooks you, and you don’t need ideas. But if you need a few to get the momentum going, try these imaginative apartment decor tips.

1. Floating a Sofa

Sofas tend to live pressed up against the walls. It’s not even something you probably think about. You push the couch against the wall and build the rest of the living room around it.

But in a lot of larger rooms, this makes the living space look out of balance.

If you have this problem, it’s an easy fix. Instead of using the perimeter as your design pattern, create a look of your own by floating the couch in the middle of the room.

Place your floating sofa at least one foot away from the walls. You can choose the distance based on how much foot traffic you plan on having in that space, but the minimum should be twelve inches.

Now you can arrange the rest of your furniture as you would have previously. If you have a fireplace or another focal piece, try to use that as your center point.

Because the living room area is larger, arranging your furniture this way makes everything more balanced.

Depending on how much extra room you have, you could also have space for mini-areas.  Go ahead and add that book nook or lounging spot you’ve always wanted around the floating sofa.

You’ll have a living room/she shed/man cave all in one stylish area!

2. Make a Statement With Furniture

Do you have a favorite bold pattern that might not look so great in abundance? Or a shade not everyone in your family agrees on, but that you absolutely adore?

There’s a way to use that gorgeous color without going too wild. You don’t even have to compromise. Make it a statement piece instead!

Interior designers have been using statement pieces as classic decorating styles for years. But you don’t need a degree to do it in your own home.

Pick one specific item of furniture in that color or pattern. It can be a sectional sofa, a chaise, a loveseat, an armchair, etc. Then design the rest of your room around in it with a complementary hue.

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Get started by choosing a vibrantly colored item, like a royal blue or shocking pink couch. Place this piece in the room so that it’s the focal point. It should draw your eye as soon as you walk through the door.

The rest of your furnishings and decor should showcase your statement piece by being in direct contrast. You can use neutrals or grays with vibrant blues and pinks.

Whites work with any color, but not every household. Your contrasting color will depend on the statement color you chose.

Beyond the perk of showing off your favorite color, you get the bonus of hiding any not-so-stylish apartment walls and floors.

3. Create Your Own Foyer

Many apartments open directly into a living room. Without an entryway, clutter quickly piles up where you don’t want it.

With a little bit of finagling and smart furniture shopping, you can create your own foyer to prevent this problem. A tidy, stylish entranceway also sets the mood when you walk in the door and adds to the overall appearance of your home.

All you need is a place to catch your clutter. This can be as simple as a bookshelf or a storage bench. Your shoes and outer accessories get tucked away in baskets, drawers, or shelves as soon as you walk in the door.

No room for a bulky bench or bookcase? Hang a shelf and keep a few baskets on it instead. Below it, place a rack for jackets and a small shoe tower.

4. Accessorize to Personalize

Your style should shine through, even in an apartment. With your personal accessories, you can creatively make the space a home.

Every room gives you the opportunity to express your tastes. You just have to know where to look!

Try a few of these ideas to get you started.

Once you get started shopping, it will be fun and straightforward to fill your apartment with accessories that scream your style.

5. Multipurpose Your Storage

By definition, an apartment squeezes all the benefits of a house into limited square footage. Somewhere in your home, you’re probably going to wish you had more room.

It’s easy to grant that wish yourself with little multipurpose storage options.

Short on closet space?

Use a hamper to store your linens, or divide it into sections with baskets to hold other accessories.

Small kitchen or not enough cupboard room?

Use a bookshelf with shelves and closed doors as an all-in-one. Keep it near your kitchen as a pantry, cupboard, and book holder. If it doesn’t blend with both your kitchen and the adjoining room, use removable wallpaper or paint to cover it!

Adding more storage space is easy once you know where you need the extra room.


The benefits of an apartment are why so many people are flocking to live in them. But decorating a home that isn’t yours means some limits on what you can do.

Permanent renovations are out of the question unless your landlord approves. Who needs those costly changes when you can float a sofa and use other creative methods to style your home instead?

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